Dead Kids Ruined My Life;
izayoi seeing (十六夜シーイング) translation


I tried translating last note.’s izayoi seeing(*^ワ^*) everything about it (the song, the lyrics, the pv, asuhi) is so beautiful I love it so much I can’t stop listening to it aaaa please do watch the pv!!

if you didn’t know, this song is part of the mikagura school suite series and it’s about imizu asuhi of the astronomy club~

video: nnd | youtube
music and lyrics: Last Note.
illust and movie: akina/明菜

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Fuyuto and Kagura were added to the Character’s Page!

They also modified the profiles with a gender sign, confirming that Mikage is a girl.

Fuyuto was some kind of messenger? between both worlds. But has suddenly lost his memory and decided to stay with the Heisei Snipers in the Surface World. 

Kagura is the youngest member of Dominant. He’s a pure hearted maiden and good at gathering information and search operations.

I reccomend to check Coleena’s masterpost for accurate translations of them when she has the time to add them!

[Gumi] Izayoi Seeing - Kanji and English

Well, I’m pretty sure there are some misstranslations or weird wording because english is not my mother language and there were some kanjis that I had to search to understand the sentence, but it’s better than nothing.

Please avoid using them for a video and even more for retranslations. Wait for a more knowledgeable translator to work on it.

Seeing a Sixteen-Day-Old Moon

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Character development. 

終焉~Another World~ Game Translation



Shuuen~Another World~ is a short Shuuen no Shiori chinese fangame created with rpg maker. In this game, you are C-ta and needs to find a way to, alive, get out of your school, that’s covered in blood, to return to your regular life. As usual, there are different endings, according to your actions.

You can download the game HERE (original dl link, so it’s a chinese website. Click in the button that says “下载 (187.5M)”) and use the code “1713" to open the archive.

I’ve translated the game to Portuguese too and it’s HERE.

Please do not use or redistribute this translation without permission.

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Shuuen no Shiori 4 Ketsuraku -Re:Code- (Prologue)


Rough translation of the fourth novel’s prologue because yes. Probably not gonna translate anything else, so feel free to create theories over this ~

Some spoilers from the novel are here.

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TRACK NAME: ヘッドフォンアクター
ALBUM TITLE: ヘッドフォンアクター
ARTIST: じん ft. LiSA
TIMES PLAYED: 33,450 plays


ヘッドフォンアクター じん ft. LiSA 


Zips apparently tweeted this on July 20, and according to this he plans to upload TWO Heisei Project songs during around this month and October!

i don’t want to sound mean or anything but i hope these songs have better pvs than uragaeshi heart’s

Also, the HeiPro website updated with Liz and Toki’s profiles!



Liz and Toki had been added <3


According to this tweet by Last Note, the PV for Izayoi Seeing is nearly done and that he plans on uploading it around the end of next week! He also plans to upload a non-Mikagura song after that!

Friendly reminder: Last Note is a duo!