Dead Kids Ruined My Life;

So… I was procrastinating in the Book Walker page and found something really silly…

Shuuen Manga is labelled as a manga for women:


"Hey, are you saying I’m a woman because I read it?"

No, no, absolutelly NO. The funny part is that:


The novels are labelled for men!

I lol’ed so hard when I realized this that I had to share this.

This is just a subliminal post to make you fall in the Book Walker Addiction as me and to encourage every people that complains about shipping/customs to support the project at least in a digital way.

I have been thinking about this for some time…


I noticed that there are way too many refferences in Shuuen no Shiori to the japanese urban legend Yume to Chigau (Different from the Dream) and I haven’t seen many people talking about it.

Just a note: I haven’t read the fourth novel yet, so this post will be just about the story until the third one. AND, IF YOU HAVEN’T READ EVERYTHING UNTIL THIS POINT, BE AWARE OF SPOILERS.

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Happiness, my novel arrived while I was at work today!!

Now while there was no illustrations in the book it’s self, it did come with a cute little pamphlet that has all the pictures Komine did, along with which page numbers the pictures go to!

Rest of the pictures will be under the cut as usual to avoid spoilers for those who want to see themselves! And please, if you have the means to support this wonderful series, maybe take the time to buy the novel for yourself? Amazon JP has extremely fast shipping time, and sense they lowered their shipping price it’s much more affordable now! I payed 17 dollars all together!

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Wait… then the novel did have pictures after all?

I want Book Walker to give me my money if I don’t receive them digitally >:(

TRACK NAME: メカクシコード (Full Mix)
ALBUM TITLE: メカクシティアクターズ act03『メカクシコード』
ARTIST: じん ft.やさぐれ子猫
TIMES PLAYED: 20,982 plays


Since my friend Nyuwie hasn’t uploaded/revieved set 3 yet, i thought i’d take initiative.

Blindfold Code (Mekakucity Actors Version) - Full Mix

Jin ft. Yasugure Koneko



i’m really thankful for this post


an illustration of imizu asuhi from mikagura school suite’s newest novel: izayoi seeing!


In honor of Shuuen’s 4th novel release, some of us got together and did a collab in honor of it!!

(Or rather Rai said she wanted to draw something for the release and I did too, so I brought up the idea of us all doing a chibi so that we could do something big and cute and also less work then all of us drawing all that characters /slapped )

Ahhh thanks all you guys for doing this so last minute-! Despite that I really had fun! So if/when there’s another novel, let’s do another collab again! ^ 7^ so it’s not last minute again laughs

A-no: Appi, B-ka: Rie, C-na: Roi, D-suke: Rai, E-ki: Riiya 

our collab team is called Rated R //slapped 10000 times


Shuuen no Shiori manga vol.4 - omakes

Haven’t seen them here yet, so I scanned and edited everything by myself.

Please do not repost/edit without permission.

Shuuen no Shiori 4 Lost -Re:code- Illustrations

All I did was screencap the e-book version with my phone. Please consider buying the novel either digitally or physically to help out the project authors.