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shuuen no shiori instrumental voiceovers 
part one / part two

(translation masterpost)

shuuen no shiori instrumental voiceovers
part one / part two

(translation masterpost)

Uragaeshi Heart ▷


"Unresonable voice, papier mache’s breath
And frozen real feelings
seeming to be together.

If you become immersed in intelligence, your existence will be forgiven.
With no personal history.
Like a machine, right? Strange, right?

Rifle’s idealistic theory of
losing one’s place to go
It was…

Akaashi Keiji - Fukurodani’s Setter
New Heisei Project Stuff

So… I had an exam yesterday and wasn’t able to turn the PC on the whole day, I will try to summarize as much as I can from the page.

First: the CD "White Noise"

Special Bonuses: Limited quantities of Trading Cards (yeah, it says that) and depending the store there will be posters and clear files.

Songs: The only new song I read is 巫女装パルプテーション (Mikosou Perpretation, something like "Priestress-Dressed? Perpretation" I don’t really understand the 装, but I’m pretty sure it’s Kagura’s song, lol)

It still hasn’t a prize, but will come out December 17th.

Second: the Novel "Heisei Domination 1"

"Heisei Project Main Starting"

"Heisei Snipers" and Dominant". A story where these girls and boys’ will and wishes are interlaced.

The curtain to the real story by Zips is finally raised.

Original and Supervision: Zips. Story: Emoto Kazuaki? dunno that’s the romaji google says. Illust: Fujino Kou (the same who did the cover of Heisei Cataclysm novel).

It will cost 1200 yens+taxes and will come out November 29th.

Third: The manga "Imitation Hero"

Starting with the novel, a comic serialization will also begin. From the perspective of the sniper not Heisei Sniper, just sniper ”Toki”, it will expand the story of “Dominant” that is not seen on the novel. Click here to check the illust jacket and the release date!

Original and Supervisation: Zips. Manga: Ogi Natsumi. Story Cooperation: Emoto Kazuaki. Character Design: Fujino Kou.

Monthly Comic Zero Sum is released everymonth on the 28th day. It costs 583 yens+taxes.

Extra: Story

With a paranormal “White Noise”, the modern world was devastated. 

Now, in these chaotic cities without any order, a silver-haired girl named Haku started to spend her every-day with the rest of the “Heisei Snipers”, who were commited to help others.

One day, the “Heisei Snipers” found a boy with memory-loss, Fuyuto, and learnt about the dual existence of the “Outside World” and the “Inversed World”, led by the dubious Mikage and her group “Dominant”.

The “Heisei Snipers” and “Dominant”. These two opposed groups, unknown to each other, decided to go hostile… 

I’m pretty sure there are some misstranslations but that’s the main idea so far. Don’t know if they will take any of the Heisei Cataclysm short stories as canon, since there is not Black Rain mentioned in all these stuff.


Zips is gonna upload a new song tomorrow at 19:00 or 7 pm Japan time! He didn’t specify what kind of song it will be, but he mentioned something about planning to upload two Heisei Project songs in October and November, so it’s most likely for that series!

(Also, from what I can decipher on Twitter, the next song will apparently be about Kagura!)

EDIT: According to this tweet, he’ll upload TWO songs between 18:00 - 19:00 (6-7 pm JPT)! Idk if both will be HeiPro related though…


What Lost Time Memory was REALLY about

I’m so glad someone subbed it correctly.



Mikagura School Suite - Special Music (Bonus chapter from second manga)

Author: Last Note.
Character Design: Akina
Illustration: Sayuki

I’m bored and have nothing better to do so I translated this one instead as practice.. Hope anyone wouldn’t mind me and enjoy it! Please support the original creator too by purchasing the books if you can!

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Thanks for your work ♥